Roman Bruno

Jenny is caring, detailed, hard working and one of the Southbays best and brightest of the new generation of Realtors. She has a very clear and focused plan, and is extremely detailed in the execution. Clients should feel very lucky to have such a smart and capable agent.

Sean Stewart

I highly recommend Jenny Powers. She an excellent real estate agent. She has a natural charm and charisma that comes from being genuinely interested in helping people. She is professional and hard-working. She is leaps and bounds above the competition!


How I met Jenny for the first time was by walking into her open house and what struck me right away was the energy she brings to her profession which is refreshing to see in our business these days. I highly recommend her.

Trent Paulsen

Jenny helped find the perfect place for me. She was available anytime I needed her assistance. She was incredibly helpful, diligent and always had a smile on her face.

Samuel Rad

Jenny is hard working and very smart. I would recommend her as an agent since I know she would do any client proud. As a financial advisor I would recomend her to clients who are looking for a non-pushy, and professional real estate professional.